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Thrive! Endeavor®

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Thrive! Endeavor - Together Building Thriving Future For All Forever

Join with the Thrive! Endeavor® and together help create and empower a vast, sustained human endeavor building and sustaining thriving and surviving future for all forever.  Contact Thrive!

Join the Endeavor by helping build thriving future for our whole world. Start building better future for your family and friends. Start with better future for your community. Start with your country. 

Start with who and what you care about and move from vulnerable to surviving to thriving. 

Books Thrive! Endeavor - All Thrive Forever and Thrive! - People's Guide can help you succeed. Available via or free download here.  

 The Thrive! Endeavor - video

Thrive - What, Why, How 

The Thrive! Center and Thrive! Park

Thrive! Center, home of Thrive! Endeavor, Thrivism, HealthePeople and GChris Sculpture, is on Mississippi River bluffside in restored 1885 farmhouse, barn and beehouse above Village of Nelson (WI). Chris, Thrive! Founder and sculptor, lives and works there. It is surrounded by Thrive! Park, a 25+ acre, bluff side, public park donated by Chris.

New Book: The Story of Thrive! Center and Thrive! Park. Available via  or as free download.

New Guided Tour: When visitors come to the Center and Park, Chris offers a guided tour. This 29 minute video is that guided tour.

What can you do at The Thrive! Center?

Visitors can meet Chris and learn about, discuss and/or join Thrive Endeavor. Learn about and discuss vision, mission and strategy of Thrive! - a future where all thrive forever.
Feel free to visit. Hours are informal. To arrange, contact Chris at or 301-318-3760.

Thrive! Discuss and strategize our future. Extinction? Just surviving? Thriving? Maybe “all thrive forever”? Maybe you join Thrive! Endeavor.

Thrivism. Learn about Thrivism and being a Thrivist. Thrivism is path to, belief in, and vision of thriving future.

HealthePeople. Discuss and strategize achieving healthy people. Best personal, community or country health system?

Thrive! Sculpture by GChris. Tour Studio/Gallery. Interact with 200+ sculptures. Movement. Sounds. Payments go to Thrive! Scholarship.

Thrive! Park. See great views of Mississippi River and Lake Pepin. Walk/hike bluff side/top roads and trails. Explore goat prairie restoration.

Historic 1885 Era Bluffside Farm. Tour restored house, barn and beehouse with views of Mississippi River and bluff.

 Thrive Center book


Thrivism Blog:     Thrivism website:     Thrivism Facebook: Thrivism

Thrivism (Thrive!) – Path to Thriving Future For All. Thrivism (Thrive!®) is a path to, belief in, and vision of thriving future for all – all thrive forever. It is hopeful path. Inspiring vision. Positive belief system. Positive way of life.

Thrivism symbol

Thrive Blogs - Thrivism - path to thriving future for all - Policy/strategies to achieve thriving future. Features Thrive! Sculpture. - Thrive! sculpture and thoughts/messages. [WordPress Blog] - Thrive! sculpture and thoughts/messages. [Website Blog]

Thrive! Books [Non-fiction]

Available via or free downloads below. Paperback and eBook.

Thrive! Endeavor® - All Thrive Forever. 2015.

Stop Selfish. Stop Being Selfish, Shortsighted & Stupid. 2022.

Thrive!® - People’s Guide To A Thriving Future [For All Forever]. 2013 & 2019.

Thrive!® - Building a Thriving Future for All. 2011 & 2019.

A Life in Pursuit of Thriving for All. Story of and by Chris and his pursuit of thriving. 2020. 

Thrive! Sculpture & Thought. Sculptural Vision of Thriving Future. 2016-2022.

Thrivism - Path to Thriving Future for All. 2020.

The Thrive! System - Achieving Thriving Future For All. 2020.

Thrive!® - All Thrive Forever®. What will you do?® The Game. The Challenge. 2015.

Thrive!® - Quick Guide To A Thriving Future [For All Forever]. 2013 & 2019.

The Thrive!® Philosophy - All Thrive Forever. 2015.

Thrive! - All Thrive Forever: What Will You Do? ® The Game. The Challenge. 2015. 

Hope. Hope for Thriving Future for All, 2022.

Behavior Effectiveness Model (BEM). Building Thriving Future Using BEM. 2015.

Early Extinction or Thriving Future. 2021

On Razor's Edge. 2021.

HealthePeople® - Achieving Healthy People, Communities, Countries and World. 2017 & 2019 & 2020.

First People Thriving Health Systems – Achieving healthy and thriving First People. 2020.

New Book on Chris -  A Life in Pursuit of Thriving for All

This is story of and by Chris and his lifelong pursuit of a thriving future – all thrive forever. It begins and ends in rural western Wisconsin. But so much happens, much in Washington (DC), in intervening 70+ years. Available in paperback and eBook via  or  free download [PDF]

Chris book

Thrive! Endeavor® - Book

You can build thriving future for yourself and help build thriving future for your communities and our world. What will you do?®

The Thrive! Endeavor® (TE!) helps by motivating governments, private sector organizations and people of all backgrounds and generations to work together to build and sustain a thriving future.

Thrive Endeavor book

Stop Selfish

We all must stop being selfish. Stop being selfish, shortsighted, and stupid if we want a surviving and thriving future for all. If we want to avoid early extinction for humans and other creatures and greater damage to Earth.

We have a choice. Wise choice is a surviving and thriving future for all. Thrive! is a way to change our behavior and change our future to a much better surviving and thriving future. Thrive! is all of us together, a vast human endeavor, building a thriving future for all.

 Available via or free download.


Thrive! - People's Guide

This book, “Quick Guide” and “Complete Guide” versions, can help you and your family and friends, community, country and world survive and thrive. It shows how to build thriving future using Thrive! Strategy and Action Plans. “Quick Guide” takes you through basics. “Complete Guide” takes you through basics of building this future and provides detailed examples, required worksheets, and detailed Thrive! Next Generation Toolkit. Available via or free download.

Peoples Guide

On Razor's Edge

Humans, other creatures, and Earth are living on razor’s edge.

We must change our behavior if we want to avoid early extinction and greater damage to Earth and to build a surviving and thriving future for all.

Over human history, there have been several large and positive changes in human behavior. These changes demonstrate that humans are capable, even more now, to change their behavior sufficient to build and achieve a thriving future for all. Only if humans have the will. 

Available via or free download.


New - Early Extinction or Thriving Future

Important to understand that early extinction, a terrible outcome, need not be our future. Early extinction is our future only if we continue to behave so as to cause this bad future.

We have a choice to make. A much better choice is a surviving and thriving future. Thrive!, building a thriving future, is a way to change our behavior and change our future to a much better surviving and thriving future.

 Available via or free download.

Early Extinction or Thriving Future 

New - Hope! -Hope for Thriving Future for All

Hope Human Behavior Changes To Produce Thriving Future for All.
Humans face a very bad future – early extinction for humans and many other creatures and greater damage to Earth. The question is whether humans can and will change their behavior enough to avoid that very bad future and build a very good future, a surviving and thriving future. This is the existential question. The existential challenge.

 Available via or free download.

New Video - Don't Choose Early Extinction!

New “Don’t Choose Early Extinction!” Video – As humans and many other creatures face early extinction and Earth is more and more damaged, the Whimseys Angel and Wiley come to Earth. They join the dinosaur at the United Nations who pleads with humans – “don’t choose extinction”. Angel and Wiley plead with humans to avoid early extinction. Plead that humans stop being selfish, shortsighted, and stupid.


New Video - Fear! Early Extinction!

Fear! Early Extinction and Great Damage!
Fear! Early extinction of humans! Fear! Early extinction of many other creatures! Fear! Great damage to Earth! Our current path is to early extinction!
Or. Change to a thriving path to a thriving future!

Fear! Early Extinction!

We as people should embrace and live by "A People’s Constitution”

If we want and need a surviving and thriving future, then we must make the commitment. As many of us have done for our country, this is a commitment for ourselves, our family and friends, our community, our country and our world.

Peoples Constitution

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