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Gary "Chris" Christopherson


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Stop Selfish

#ThrivingFuture  #Thrive  #ThriveEndeavor #AllThriveForever

Stop Being Selfish!

Each and all of us must stop being selfish!

Stop being selfish, shortsighted, and stupid if we want a surviving and thriving future for all. If we want to avoid early extinction for humans and other creatures and avoid greater damage to Earth.

We have the ability. Do we have the will?

So far, indications are we do not have the will. That can change. That must change.


We Can Change The Future!

We have the ability to make very large, positive changes in our behavior.

After more than a decade analyzing human history and behavior, these are the author’s conclusions.

The current human path is to early extinction for humans and many other creatures and greater damage to Earth.

But the thriving path still exists, barely, to build a thriving future for all if and only if we act now.

Wise Choice Is Thrivng Future For All!

We have a choice to make. Do or die.

Wise choice is a surviving and thriving future for all.

Thrive! is a way to change our behavior and change our future to a much better surviving and thriving future. The first and most important change is to stop being selfish.

Thrive! is all of us together, a vast human endeavor, building a thriving future for all. 

New Book: Stop Selfish

Stop Being Selfish, Shortsighted & Stupid

Thought piece challenging humans to stop being selfish. To stop being selfish, shortsighted and stupid as way to avoid early extinction and build thriving future for all. Available via as paperback and eBook and as free download.


 ##ThrivingFuture  #Thrive  #ThriveEndeavor!

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We Can 

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Thrive Forever


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