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Thrivism - Path to Thriving Future

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Thrivism [Thrive!] - Path to Thriving Future for All 

Thrivism (Thrive!) is a path to, belief in, and vision of thriving future for all – all thrive forever. It is hopeful path. Inspiring vision. Positive belief system. Positive way of life. Thrivism

  • Vision - A thriving future where all thrive forever.[1]

  • Mission – Help a person, all people, all other creatures, and Earth strive for and achieve a surviving and thriving future. The human endeavor.

  • Foundational Belief – Humans, as person and people[2], have a unique need to survive and desire to thrive in the current world and a thriving future world.

Thrivism logo

A Thrivist actively follows Thrivism path, embraces its belief system and lives its way of life. A Thrivist helps build and sustain a thriving future with and for all – each person, all people, all other creatures and Earth. Thrivist

New Thrivism Blog:      New Thrivism website:

New Thrivism Facebook: Thrivism

New Book: Thrivism - Path to Thriving Future for All 

New book, "Thrivism (Thrive!)" [aka the small "Green Book"] is now available for purchase via (paperback and ebook) and as a free download.

By design, this book, the small “Green Book”, on Thrivism does not go into great detail. Rather, it starts down a path. Lays out basics. Lays out foundational belief, key elements and questions for Thrivism. Finally, it lays out Thrivism’s potential uses in real life.

Thrivism book cover 

 ##ThrivingFuture  #Thrive  #ThriveEndeavor!

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