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1885 Era Bluffside Farm 

What can you do at The Thrive! Center?

Historic 1885 Era Bluffside Farm. Tour fully renovated/restored house, barn and beehouse with views of Mississippi River and bluff. Learn about life on small bluffside farm in 1880s.

For info, go to or Contact Chris @ or 301-318-3760.

Original 1885 Era Farmhouse - Fully Renovated/Restored

The Thrive! Center

Original 1885 Era Barn - Fully Renovated/Restored

1885 era barn 

Original, Unique 1885 Era Beehouse - Fully Renovated/Restored

Unique, large beehouse. 16'x16'. Held up to 27 hives. Cupola recreated and added in 2019.

1885 era large beehouse 

 ##ThrivingFuture  #Thrive  #ThriveEndeavor!

The Thrive! Endeavor - GChris Sculpture


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